Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Day Seventy Seven - Does Preparation count as wordcount? Required 211750, Achieved 209382

Another hard day at work today, ended up staying behind so those left at the end of the shift didn't get crunched by the flow of things, we don't get paid for it, but damn it, you can't leave a man (or woman) down.

Still, while doing everything else, I was writing, more things for Oceans of Stars, which is likely to be one of the books that I start when I'm finished with Shift and World War Wolf.  The question for today, is does the preparation for the books count towards the wordcount that I'm doing?  I'm still writing, building the worlds even though I'm not yet writing about them, and it's all ideas and concepts that I have to put together before I can write about it, so...

Does it count?

Let me know

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