Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Day Forty Three, of storms and rebuilding things Required 118250, Achieved 117552

Hope everyones not getting the wind as bad as we are up here, been out in a field some of the night putting blocks on top of a barn fence so it doesn't blow away in the night.  We're not the worst hit by a long way, but when a sold built barn starts shaking, you've got to wonder somewhat.

Beyond that, not much to report, Mark made it to work and back in his new car by himself with no problems, even going to far as to go down the M62 at 16:00 despite counsel to the opposite, still, these are lessons that have to be learned, and he'll not make that mistake again.

Update on the Shift today, hopefully a much larger update tomorrow, but I've had a lot of non publish projects recently that I can't share, but I still need to do them and I still want to have something every day for people here.


This is John Dodd in the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire, and Goodnight England, wherever you are...